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Book Overview :

To get what you really want, sometimes you have to walk away.From NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author L. WIlder comes book four in the Satans Fury Series, a standalone MC romance.OliviaSurvival. It was the driving force that kept me going when our world as we knew it was ripped away from us in one horrific night. I didnt know who brutally killed my parents or why, but when the vicious killers turned their focus onto my brother and sister, I did the only thing I knew to do: I ran.I packed them up and left everything we knew and loved behind and headed for Memphis. ClutchThe club was my life. Id do anything for my brothers. Hell, Ive taken more than a couple of bullets for them and Id do it again. But I needed to step away to clear my head. I pushed the throttle forward and headed down south with one goal in mind: to fulfill Cottons orders and establish the route for the clubs new pipeline. Doing my job was my only focus until I saw her working in that diner down on Front Street. She had fire in her eyes and bite to her tongue -- and she was absolutely breathtaking. Full of class and spunk, the girl was out of my league. What was she doing working at a diner in Memphis, Tennessee? She was a mystery to me, and even though my gut told me she was hiding something, I felt a pull to her that I could not deny.**Clutch is book four in the Satans Fury series, but it is considered a standalone romance. This book is intended for readers 18 and older due to violence and explicit language.