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Book Overview :

A breathtaking near-future thriller. From the NY Times bestselling author whose books have sold over a million copies. What if it were possible to upload years of knowledge into your mind in hours? To become expert in multiple scientific fields, become an MD, or learn several languages -- in a single day? The benefit to humanity would be immense. But this would not be without its perils.Rachel Howard is a brilliant neuroscientist trying to make this capability a reality. But when she crosses paths with Kevin Quinn, a Secret Service agent desperate to kill the president, she finds herself at the epicenter of an insidious and far-reaching plot. A plot centered on the ultimate game changer. An utterly disruptive scientific breakthrough with the greatest power to transform civilization the world has ever seen.Game Changer is a smart thriller crammed with breakneck action, unexpected twists, mind-expanding science, and intriguing concepts readers will be contemplating long after they've read the last page. Richards is a worthy successor to Michael Crichton. (SF Richards is an extraordinary writer, (Dean Koontz) who can keep you turning the pages all night long. (Douglas Preston)Near Future Science Fiction Thrillers by Douglas E. Richards WIRED (Wired 1)AMPED (Wired 2)MIND'S EYE (Nick Hall 1)BRAINWEB (Nick Hall 2)MIND WAR (Nick Hall 3) -- New in 2016SPLIT SECOND (Split Second 1)TIME FRAME (Split Second 2) -- New in January, 2018QUANTUM LENSGAME CHANGER -- New in 2016INFINITY BORN -- New in 2017Kids Science Fiction Thrillers (9 and up, enjoyed by kids and adults alike)TRAPPED (Prometheus Project 1)CAPTURED (Prometheus Project 2)STRANDED (Prometheus Project 3)OUT OF THIS WORLDTHE DEVIL'S SWORD