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Book Overview :

Nothings going to stop us from making her ours.AbbyWhen I left my ex, I had nothing, but I knew I could never go back to the man whod hit me. Worse though, hes in the mob, and I had nowhere to go.But lost, out of gas, and alone on the side of the road, help came in the form of the last two men Id ever expect it from. Rough, dark, and dangerous attractive, the two road-hardened bikers might be everything that scares me, and yet everything I need. The only problem is that I cant decide between them& but I might not need to.Jackson / ConnorWeve been outlaws since the day we were born, and well be outlaws until we die. For the right price, well do any dirty job.Except maybe this one.Abbys ex wants us to hunt her down and kill her - but when we saw the sinfully irresistible, mouth-watering woman on the side of the road, we only had one thing on our minds.We had take her, possess her, and make her ours.Hope she doesnt mind that we like to share. Twice Driven is a quick read involving hot, steamy insta-love with two utterly obsessed alpha heroes. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty stories, this ones for you! HEA mfm with NO CHEATING!